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House signs UKAt Filante UK, we specialise in the design and production of house signs for the UK and in fact anywhere in the World..
For over a decade Filante UK has been supplying house signs in a variety of individual and also more traditional styles.

Our extensive range of house signs, includes bespoke signs to suit your very individual requirements. We have the experience and expertise in making house signs that you have been looking for and have many satisfied customers.

There are many individual factors to consider when buying a house sign. Filante Products are here to help you make those choices to make your house sign both individual and personal to you. A house sign says a lot about you as an individual but on a more practical level you will also need to consider other factors such as; how visible your house name or house number will be. Will the house number or name be clearly visible from the road, consider having a second sign on a gatepost or wall next to the road. Make sure there is enough colour contrast in the house sign to ensure that the sign is more clearly seen. Is the house sign big enough to be seen from the road if you choose to hang the sign on the front door or wall by the house.

House signs are a great way to spruce up the exterior of a house and show the house?s very individual character and perhaps by choosing a house name which you may personally associate with the house. Consider perhaps the location of your house. A simple example of a house sign could be: a house is a sea front setting being named Beach Cottage. Or perhaps linking your house name to the former use of your house ie The Vicarage or Blacksmith?s Cottage, or maybe linking the house name to a beauty spot that is special to you such as Windermere. You may wish to incorporate a house number and a house name on one sign. Or another option is a house name with a matching house number in the same style and colour combination.

We are also able to provide individual laser cut numbers in matching colours and matching steel letterboxes, therefore enhancing the overall look of that all important first impression of your house. Regardless of the style of your house or the house name or number that you choose, we will be able to provide an individually designed house sign which will compliment the house.

Our stylish metal house signs are made from zinc-plated steel, which is an anti-rust metal. We use powder-coated paint for our five base colours, which gives a very professional finish. Before each house sign is dispatched, it will finally have an oven-baked finish which ensures that each and every house sign will be tough and durable and provide many years of life with very little maintenance. Most of our customers are happiest choosing a house name or house number from one of our standard sized ranges. However, we are able to offer a bespoke size house sign service to suit all individual requirements of any dimension and will be happy to provide a quote for a customer without any formal commitment. Therefore, if there is something special you are in need of for your house sign, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

There is no maximum size. We use many tried and tested typefaces or ?fonts? on our house signs. Over the years we have provided many different typefaces for customers and will always be happy to advise on the best typeface to suit a sign requested by a customer. Some of our product ranges use a specific font simply because from experience we know that certain fonts suit a shape of metal, but we are always open to change, always bearing in mind that we want to provide the best possible finish for that special house sign.

Most customers prefer us to advise on text size and to use our expertise in arranging letters of the right size, working with the dimensions of the house sign and also the brief given by the customer. Most signage is available in capitals or a combination of capitals and lower-casing.

There is a choice of base colours for the house names and numbers. There are five colour: French Blue, Burgundy, Racing Green, Black and White. The text and borders etc can, however, be in any colour, such as cream, white, gold, silver and all colours of the rainbow. Just let us know your choice at the time of ordering but remembering that all important contrast so that your house sign will be clearly visible. Our customers can make their house signs as individual as they wish. Even within our standard ranges there are variations. You may want your sign portrait or landscape, with or without a border. We can produce house signs in any language, for example welsh and Gaelic and have produced many signs in foreign languages such as French and swedish to name just two. Filante Products is also able to provide hand painted decoration to our house signs. The choice for the customer is infinite.

The Filante Products web site offers an insight into what we are able to offer our customers. Over the years we have provided many satisfied customers with customised house signs incorporating a hand painted emblem, logo or picture. The hand painted item can be of a plant, tree, animal or bird (including a much loved pet) Or even a scene such as a palm-fringed beach or a lighthouse on rocks. We are also able to provide a computerised graphic, maybe for a sign for your business showing a company logo. All hand-painted motifs and pictures and some complex graphics attract an extra charge.

Please contact us direct if you would like to take advantage of this personalised service for your house sign. If appropriate we will also provide, free of charge, a computerised drawing of your house sign, prior to making a commitment to an order, to be absolutely sure of customer satisfaction.

From the time the customer places an order for a house sign, we anticipate a delivery date of at most three weeks. For stock items, ie small house numbers, delivery should be within a few days in the UK. For house signs to be dispatched abroad delivery may be a little longer and we may need to adjust postage and packing costs.

Please contact us for further details.

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